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We think of a physical space as an extension of the brand itself. 

We build thoughtful designs for brands, environments & individuals. Sometimes they're tangible and fit in your hand; others are places you can stand inside. Whatever the case, our expertise is informed by a deep knowledge of what makes a strong brand.

what we do

Leading the helm is Britt Hull. She began her career in packaging and identity design in-house at Target then honed her skills at Turner Duckworth, Office: Jason Schulte Design, and as an independent environment designer in San Francisco. Britt opened up shop at The Tide to offer her clients uniquely positioned design solutions at the intersection of her specialized disciplines. 

who we are

We deliver a different kind of creative offering. We think it's pretty important to consider both the brand and it's environment at the same time. Doing so allows cohesion. Keeps things efficient. Allows for, you know, flow. We work on many types of projects and are always happy to customize our offerings for your specialized needs. Still, our core process remains the same.

how it works


Define ––––– We'll help you clarify your needs and set out to build a team, big or small, to suit. As needed, we bring in our extensive network of Tidepoolers–designers, craftsmen, fabricators, artists, tinkerers and engineers to ensure a catered fit for each project. 

Discover ––––– We immerse ourselves in the problems you most need solved and set a course of action to develop meaningful visual concepts to address those problems.

Refine ––––– This is when we think, expand, edit, build, test, reorganize and repeat it all. It's our favorite part of the process and where we're the most thoughtful, swift and deliberate.

Design ––––– Resulting from all our learnings are the most meaningful of design solutions. We'll set you up with specifically tailored tools to insure they stay met. After all, we want you happy. And to be invited to your holiday parties.

We get particularly excited about partnering with forward-thinking individuals & businesses of all sizes launching new brands in new spaces. We also know that sometimes you just want to eat off the á la carte menu.

the services


Identity / Branding
Interior Design
Environmental Design

Positioning Brand Storytelling

3D Visualization

Purchasing FF&E
Custom Furniture
&  Mind Reading

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